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Aurochs Brewing Hazy IPA

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Aurochs Brewing Hazy IPA

Gluten Free Hazy IPA Brewed In Pennsylvania

Today’s review is for one of my favorite east coast dedicated gluten free breweries. Aurochs Brewing now brews and cans a Hazy IPA and I’m about to show you what it looks like and share my tasting experience. 

Aurochs Brewing Hazy IPA

I’ve lost track of how many Aurochs beers I’ve reviewed (edit: Turns out this is #4), but I haven’t been disappointed yet—so expectations are high! Prepare to have a good laugh when you scope the hop ingredients published on the back of the can…(spoiler alert)…“Lot’s of them.” That’s all it says.

This gluten free hazy IPA is brewed with millet and quinoa. It has a 6.7% ABV and is brewed in a dedicated gluten free brewery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That’s right…this is an east coast beer! 
Below is a video of the pour so you can see what it looks like fresh out of the can. It’s time for the test…just how hazy is this Hazy IPA from Aurochs Brewing?

The Taste Test

Gluten Free Hazy IPA

Holy citrus Batman! The second I popped the tab on this beer I was immediately hit by a train of citrus fruit. I usually don’t talk about the aroma before the appearance, but DAMN, this IPA smells big and juicy.

Auroch’s Hazy IPA pours with a muted mango color and a lovely head. This beer is more than just a little hazy, it’s incredibly hazy. So hazy that it looks like juice…juice with a head. Eventually the head bubbles away and the haze hides the carbonation completely after that point.

Now back to the aroma for a moment. It is filled to the brim with mango and orange scents. The first taste reveals a much less fruity, medium-bodied IPA that’s dry and fairly light on the carbonation. It’s smooth and juicy, but not at all tart and not very bitter.

When this gluten free Hazy IPA first hits your tongue, you notice its body and mouthfeel first.  The lower carbonation keeps texture minimal and by middle palate, the fruity characteristics from the hops begin to step forward. I’m still getting a lot of mango and orange. A light sweetness coats the mouth after swallow.

If I had one wish for this Hazy, it would be for a bit more kick from the carbonation. The flavors are great, the bitterness is mellow, and the aroma makes you feel like you got slapped in the face by a perfectly ripe mango tree.

Overall, another win from Aurochs Brewing over in Pennsylvania. I have yet to taste a beer from this brewery that I wouldn’t drink again. They do a damn good job over there. Lucky Pennsylvanians! (Is that what you call yourselves?)

Aurochs Brewing Hazy IPA

Reach out to Aurochs and see if they’ll ship to you! If so, you may be able to try this gluten free Hazy IPA with your very own taste buds. :) If you are lucky enough to do so, let me know what you think of it by commenting below.

Want to read up on more Aurochs beers? My favorite is their Blonde Ale, but I also have reviews up for their gluten free:

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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