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GF Brew Tours: Best Gluten Free Beers Is Going On A Field Trip!

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It’s Time For A Field Trip!

Brew Tours On The Horizon


Hello gluten free beer drinkers!ย I have exciting news…(and I’d like your input!)

Best Gluten Free Beers is embarking on a brew tour field trip this weekend! I’m taking the blog on the road to visit 3 dedicated gluten free breweries in person. (One of which I’ve never been to before!)ย I plan to chat with the brewmasters, owners, and team members to find out how they are making such amazing glutenFREE — grainFULL beers for brew tour ground breaker brewing ghostfish brewing moonshrimp brewingour gluten free community.


This isn’t going to be your average brew tour though…


Why? Because each and every one of the breweries are going to be brewing beer during the tour! The best part…I plan to share this experience with all of you. Best Gluten Free Beers readers will have the opportunity to get an exclusive peak at 3 different gluten free breweries, including:

  • brewery and taproom tours
  • behind-the-scenes peak into the brew process
  • interviews with the brewmasters & owners
  • a “taste” of the magic that is gluten free craft beer

2 States โ†’ 3 Brew Tours โ†’ 4 Days

First stop, Moonshrimp! I will be hitting the road first thing tomorrow morning to make my way up to Portland Oregon where I will be meeting with Moonshrimp Brewing brewmaster Danย McIntosh-Tolle. Tomorrow is a special brew day for Moonshrimp. They are teaming up with Brewed by Gnomes to brew a special session Saison made with organic hops and garden flowers.

Once I wrap the tour at Moonshrimp, next on the list is Ghostfish Brewing Company. So I’ll be taking this beer train further north to Seattle Washington for a full tour of Ghostfish’s brewery and taproom. Then we will go behind-the-scenes with them to get a peak at their next brew! It may even be a Grapefruit IPA brew day…(fingers crossed)

After Ghostfish, I’ll be heading back down to Portland to meet with Ground Breaker Brewing for yet another in-house brew and tour of the facilities. I honestly have no idea what they are brewing while I’m there, but I’m sure it’s going to be delicious. I look forward to seeing what they have on tap as well. They do so many fun experimentals that I never get a chance to taste because they don’t leave the pub.

brew tour ground breaker brewing ghostfish brewing moonshrimp brewing

This Is YOUR Chance…

What Do YOU Want To Know?

So, here’s the deal. There are only five 100% dedicated gluten free breweries in this country that I know of, and I’m about to meet with 3 of them…

This is your chance to get your questions answered!

What do you want to know?

I know many of you live in parts of the country where access to gluten free beer is very limited. You may be 3,000 miles away from Ghostfish Brewing, and therefore unlikely to ever get a behind-the-scenes look at the place. So…allow me to bring the brew experience to you.ย 

I am taking requests and would love to find answers to the questions you may have for these breweries and their founders. So ask away! Tell me what you want to know. Or perhaps you have feedback for one of the breweries that I can relay?

brew tour ground breaker brewing ghostfish brewing moonshrimp brewing

This request is time sensitive, and my road trip begins tomorrow. I will be seeing Moonshrimp on Saturday, Ghostfish on Monday, and Ground Breaker on Tuesday, so don’t delay sending in your thoughts/questions. Be sure I get them in time to pass on to their respective brewery. I can’t wait to hear from you all!





P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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[…] them brew the beer, which you’ll notice in the background of Ghostfish’s full feature brew tour. (Coming […]

6 years ago

Hello!! Hope you have fun on tour! Recently GroundBreaker released a homebrew recipe and I’m very thankful they did–can you see if they plan to release any more recipes or homebrew advice? That can be a question for the other breweries as well! Thanks!

6 years ago

Please ask the breweries if any intend to start distributing to the Washington DC area – particularly Northern Virginia. Thanks and have a great time. Really jealous!

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