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Buck Wild Brewing Amber Ale

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Gluten Free Amber Ale by Buck Wild Brewing

California-Brewed Amber Ale

I’m excited to bring you a brand new review for Buck Wild Brewing’s Amber Ale. Buck Wild beer is brewed in California at a dedicated gluten free facility with 100% gluten free ingredients. Their beer is currently packaged in 12 ounce cans.

Buck Wild Amber Ale

Buck Wild has a brewery and taproom in Oakland, California. Their Pale Ale has been around for some time, but the dedicated brewery and taproom opened recently in 2020, allowing them to expand their offerings and brew their beers in a dedicated facility.

The Buck Wild Amber Ale is brewed on a malt base of millet, rice, and buckwheat. It has a 5.3% ABV and 32 IBU. It is one of several year-round beers over at Buck Wild Brewing. Below is a video of the beer pour so that you can see how this Amber Ale pours with your own eyes!

The Taste Test

Buck Wild Amber Ale

The Buck Wild Amber Ale pours with a luscious burgundy color and a beautiful head that takes its time. The hue is quite dark until placed in front of the light, at which point it takes on a harvest orange-red color. When the head bubbles down, it leaves an attractive ring around the edge of the glass.

Its aroma appears to be well balanced with a bit of a hoppy bite and lots of malty goodness. When you take your first taste, you’re met with a truckload of roasted malt and a light toasted caramel sweetness. The beer tastes less hoppy than it smells, but by the time the beer reaches the end of the palate, the fairly dry forest-flavors of the hops do tend to balance the sweetness presented early on by the malts.

When you first sip the Buck Wild Brewing Amber Ale, you’re met immediately by roasty malt qualities which lead you to its medium body and a mild—yet supportive carbonation level. The Amber Ale finishes with a bit of sweetness on the tongue that soon turns to a mild bitterness as the flavors fade. The finish ends up on the drier side of the scale, without abandoning its malty qualities. I find that refreshing in an amber.

I like that the sweetness exists but doesn’t last long in the tasting experience. It allows you to consume the beer without a build up of sweet on the palate. Its malt body is wonderfully balanced by the hops used. The beer has weight, but its balance makes it an easy-drinker. 

Buck Wild Amber Ale

I’d say this gluten free amber stands true to the style and is a wonderful gluten free option. The Amber Ale stands beside 3 other flagships which either have been, or are soon-to-be reviewed on this blog. There’s also a West Coast IPA, a Pale Ale, and a Kolsch.

The Buck Wild Brewing tasting room recently opened in central California, so if you find yourself in the Oakland area, be sure to stop in and tell them Best Gluten Free Beers says hi. :) I haven’t been able to visit yet myself, but I hope to one day! 

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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