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Ghostfish Brewing Märzen Attacks Lager 

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Märzen Attacks Gluten Free Lager 

Gluten Free Märzen Style Lager by Ghostfish Brewing

I’m excited to bring you a new release from Ghostfish Brewing Company in Washington. The Märzen Attacks Lager is a limited release packaged in 16 oz cans. Ghostfish doesn’t let any gluten in their doors, so you can drink up knowing you’re consuming a 100% gluten free lager brewed in a dedicated facility.

Ghostfish Brewing Marzen Attacks Lager

The Märzen Attacks Lager has 23 IBU and a 5% ABV. It is brewed with millet and buckwheat. The featured hops include Tettnang, Hallertauer, and Perle. This beer style originated in Bavaria. You may recognize it as the traditional staple at Munich’s Oktoberfest. The full German name is Märzenbier, which translates as “March beer”. Märzenbiers were traditionally brewed in caves and stored there through the summer months in order to stay cool and fresh until Fall time. Märzens are often malt rich with a clean hop profile.

I know many of you out there are big fans of lagers, and likely have a long list of gluten-full lagers that you pine for on the regular. This is why I love spreading the word about gluten free quality craft lagers SO much. More and more GF breweries are brewing them in their lineups these days. At the end of the article, I’ll attach a list of other lagers I’ve reviewed over the years so you can explore what else is out there. (There’s a lot of them!)

For now, I’ll move on to showing you the beer pour for the Märzen Attacks Lager and follow up with an account of my tasting experience with this Washington-brewed dedicated gluten free lager.

The Taste Test

Märzen Attacks Lager

The gluten free Märzen Attack pours with a rich amber color and a lovely head that leaves a thick layer of foam at the top of the glass once it bubbles down a bit. It smells crisp and bready, with a familiar lager aroma full of light malts.

This Märzen has a light body and even lighter carbonation. I wouldn’t peg the carbonation as too light—but it’s right on that edge in my opinion. The flavor profile is filled with biscuit and is extremely clean and balanced. Noticeable hop presence is extremely minimal (which probably means they’re floral in nature, since those are always hard for me to detect). There is no bitterness to speak of and the flavors are simple and crisp.

Unsurprisingly, this gluten free lager is malt forward with a refreshing body that makes it the perfect first beer of the evening. The malt profile lingers after swallow, but not in a heavy way. In fact, the beer finishes quite clean and is faintly sweet with a little bit of caramel that will coat the tongue after drinking.  

This is a very drinkable lager that I think most anyone would enjoy who appreciates a classic German lager. It also possesses good glass appeal. The high clarity amber color and frosty head makes for an extremely handsome pint. If you’re a lager lover, I recommend you pick up a few (or have them shipped)—particularly if you’re a fan of classic Bavarian Lagers.

Ghostfish Brewing Marzen Attacks Lager

If you’re looking for more gluten free lagers, you’ve come to the right blog. I’ve reviewed MANY lagers over the years. Here’s a handful of them:

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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