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Ground Breaker Ziggurat Cot Apricot Buckweizen

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Gluten Free “Hefeweizen”

Apricot Buckweizen by Ground Breaker Brewing

I don’t know about you, but I sure do miss a good Hefeweizen on a hot summer day. If you can relate, we are both in luck! Ground Breaker recently released a Ziggurat Cot Apricot Buckweizen, and it’s 100% gluten free!

dedicated gluten free beer ziggurat Cot Buckweizen

This gluten free “hefeweizen” is brewed in Portland Oregon in a dedicated gluten free facility. This particular brew is fermented with apricots and sits at a 4.8% ABV and 22 IBUs. Its GF malt base includes both rice and buckwheat.

This is Ground Breaker’s first release of an American “wheat” style beer that’s 100% gluten-free.
The Ziggurat features both Eckert and Grouse gluten free malt and is packaged in 16 ounce cans. I really like the label on this one too!

Below is a video of the pour. You can see the whole video in real time and with sound over on our Patreon. Check out that head!

The Taste Test

Ziggurat Cot Apricot Buckweizen

The Ziggurat Cot Buckweizen pours with a gorgeous and bright tiger orange hue. The color is cloudy without becoming muted. The head forms generously, and as it retreats, it leaves behind a long-lasting cover.

The beer looks vibrant and juicy and opaque. Its aroma is packed full of–you guessed it—apricots! It also has a very light biscuit or wafer quality to it. The aroma and visual presentation have my taste buds watering, so let’s move this review along…

My first sip reveals that the flavor is similar to the aroma. The apricot qualities are consistent yet unobtrusive. They support the beer well, without dominating the tasting experience. As someone who gets a little touchy about actual fruit in my beers, Ground Breaker does a nice job with this one. I wonder where they got the apricots?

The beer is extremely easy drinking. It has light carbonation, a medium body, and no bitterness. The Ziggurat Cot experience begins with a showcase of its texture and body, followed by a subtle onset of apricots. This buckweizen finishes somewhat dry.

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A Delicious Gluten Free Hefeweizen!

This wheat-free “wheat beer” makes for an excellent summer beverage and a fantastic replacement for those painful hefeweizen cravings. I took this beer out on the river for a sunset kayak and let me say, it really did the trick. ;) I highly recommend bringing this guy along on your summer adventures (or what’s left of them)!

The stone fruit foundation is actually a nice break from the typical citrus bombs that are my go-tos. Ground Breaker’s Ziggurat Cot Apricot Buckweizen is a pretty fun beer, and I’d recommend giving it a try if you get the chance. 

dedicated gluten free beer ziggurat Cot Buckweizen

If you’re into the stone fruit, be sure to check out a past summer release Ground Breaker did called the Stone Fruit IPA.

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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[…] Ziggurat Cot Apricot Buckweizen […]


[…] Ziggurat Cot Apricot Buckweizen […]

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