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Moonshrimp Starlight White Ale

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Starlight White – White Ale

Moonshrimp Brewing

moonshrimp brewing starlight white ale best gluten free beersThis is my second review of a Moonshrimp Brewing beer, a dedicated oat and gluten free facility in Portland Oregon. The Starlight White Ale is permanent member in Moonshrimp Brewing’s collection of gluten free ales.

Typical of this Belgian style, this white ale includes coriander and orange peel to impart a citrusy spice in the palate of this beer. This is an interesting experiment, as these white ales are usually defined by their wheat-based origins.

As you would expect, the Starlight is very pale in color. It has light carbonation and a mild scent. When poured all at once, this beer does in fact have a light cloud to it, which is slightly surprising considering the absence of cloudy wheat proteins. :)

I sat with this beer for awhile. It always takes me bit to let go of my preferences and appreciate a beer for it’s own distinct style, and approach the review free(ish) of my own biased expectations.

Well…I like it. In fact, I liked this beer more and more with each sip. It’s light, refreshing, with notes of both sweet and sour. Although it’s a part of their year-round collection, this 5.5% ABV and 25 IBU white ale seems like a perfect summer go-to for those hot afternoons on the river.

moonshrimp brewing starlight white ale best gluten free beers

I found this beer at my local Market of Choice, along with a few others–also by Moonshrimp Brewing. Be sure to check out my review of their Negative Space Dark Pale Ale. There’s also a One Small Step IPA in their permanent collection–which is another one I’m looking forward to trying.

As far as I know, Moonshrimp Brewing’s distribution is still limited to the Pacific Northwest. They have a drive through window open on Tuesdays from 12pm to 7pm at the brewery. I also see on their website that they are expecting a seasonal release soon…a cask conditioned homegrown IPA.




P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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