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Rolling Mill Brewing Anti-Federalist American Pale Ale

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Rolling Mill Brewing Anti-Federalist American Pale Ale

Gluten Free Pale Ale, Brewed In Ohio

Last but not least, we have the final of the three flagship beers from Rolling Mill Brewing Company. The Anti-Federalist American Pale Ale is on the tasting table tonight. For those unfamiliar, Rolling Mill Brewing is a dedicated gluten free brewery in Middletown, Ohio. (One of the few in the midwest!)

Rolling MIll Brewing Anti-Federalist American Pale Ale

If you look back in recent weeks, you’ll find two more reviews from this brewery too. One for their Two Goldens American Lager, and the other for their 10-09 German Pilsner, all gluten free of course. If you’re interested in catching up on those styles, I’ll attach their review links to the end of this article.

The Anti-Federalist American Pale Ale is named for those colonist who opposed the ratification of the Constitution, fearing an overly powerful government would result. Rolling Mill names historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, as inspirations for this beer. 

This gluten free pale ale has a 5.4% ABV and 49 IBU. It’s packaged 16 ounce cans and is currently pretty limited in its reach. It’s important to see how they pour, so here’s a video to show you what it looks like!

The Taste Test

Anti-Federalist American Pale Ale

The Anti-Federalist Pale Ale pours with a soft yellow color and a great head. It has a light haze to it but its light color allows a lot through. It has nice visual appeal and the remaining texture from the head seems to be around for the long haul.

The nose isn’t as hoppy as I expected, but I shouldn’t be surprised as this is a midwest-brewed pale ale, not a PNW one. I’m not picking up much on the aroma honestly. It smells very light and has just a touch of honey. 

The taste is bright, crisp and light. Rolling Mill’s Anti-Federalist Pale Ale has a very mild flavor that drinks very dry. The grain profile tastes simple and very light on the maltiness. There’s a bit more hop character than malt, but its reflected more in the bitterness than the flavor. 

When this gluten free American Pale Ale first hits your lips, you’re met with fine-bubbly texture and a very light body. The dryness hits next, then there’s a little bitterness and toastiness left behind after the swallow. The texture finishes sharp because there’s no substantial body to weigh down the carbonation.

The Anti-Federalist American Pale Ale is an easy-drinking, palate resetting, classic pale that is *not* flooded with hops. It’s crisp and clean and extremely refreshing, even if it’s not what I’m used to over here on the west coast! ;) 

Rolling MIll Brewing Anti-Federalist American Pale Ale

The bitterness feels super light at first, but there is a gentle build on the palate over time. This gluten free pale still has great visual appeal, even halfway through the beer. 

Be sure to read up on Rolling Mill Brewing’s other two flagship beers: the Two Goldens American Lager and the 10-09 German Pilsner. I’m noticing a light beer trend in their year-round lineup. I wonder if it’s their brewers that gravitate towards those, or if middle America is all about those light(er) beers. 

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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