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The FULL Brewery Tours Are Ready!

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Hello beer lovers!

This is the most exciting post I’ve written in a long time!

The gluten free brewery tours are now ready to stream! You can now get behind-the-scenes with Ghostfish Brewing, Ground Breaker Brewing, and Moonshrimp Brewing ALL from the comfort of your living room with a glass of gluten free beer in hand (hopefully).

The best part? This post provides you with an option to get a FREE brew tour for getting on our email list! Read on to learn more…or if you can’t wait one more second to get to the tours, click here to visit the Brew Tour library.

Now, I know some of you may have some questions, so I’ve done my best to answer the key ones below…

What’s included in the tours?

  • Full in-depth tours of the brewhouse led by the Brewmaster.
  • Interviews with the owner(s) about their founding story and vision.
  • Challenges to opening and operating a gluten free brewery.
  • Get behind-the-scenes with the Brewmasters as they take us through the FULL process of brewing a beer with their methods.
  • Q + A with the Brewmaster: YOU asked the questions, and the PROS answered them! This is homebrewer’s GOLD!** 2 of the documentaries have a formal Q + A section, and 1 of them has the answers peppered throughout the film, because Dan (of Moonshrimp) is a biochemist and likes to drop science bombs on you while he brews! ;)
  • A look at their 100% gluten free brew pubs, where a Celiac can order ANYTHING they want and never for a second worry about falling ill. Yep, it’s heaven. (Ghostfish + Ground Breaker only, Moonshrimp does not have a gastropub.)

Can I see a preview?

Yes! There is a teaser video attached to each documentary. You can view them by following the link to the Brew Tour Store at the bottom of this post, choose one a tour from the library, and click to expand its details. Then navigate to the video preview and watch away! These same teasers are also available on the Best Gluten Free Beers YouTube channel and the Facebook page. Be sure to watch in HD if possible, it makes a huge difference! Closed captions are now available on all teasers.

Why did they take so long to release?

This sums it up pretty well…

  • Work.
  • Life.

As most of you know, I am not a full time blogger, nor am I a professional videographer or film editor. I had 3 straight days of footage to compress into 3 short documentaries. I also had some pretty painful curveballs thrown at me this past year, including a traumatic injury that took a few months to recover from. BUT here we are now. Thank you for your patience. β™₯

Why charge for them?

I put a lot of heart into creating the brew tour teasers so that they could effectively relay to you the company culture, passion, and skill behind what they do. I am proud of these teasers, and they will be forever free to anyone who’d like to watch them.

The documentaries took even more work. An enormous amount really, as evidenced by how long I’ve been working on them. It’s simple really…I want to do this again! For EVERY dedicated gluten free brewery in the country! (There’s 7 more that I know of.) But I can’t keep funding their expense all on my own. Taking this road trip to film these three breweries cost me hundreds of dollars out of pocket, not to mention taking 4 days off of work. I put my (paying) day job on the back burner a lot this month to finish these films. Also, the platform I use to stream these videos to you costs money to operate.

Help me, help you!

Throwing me a few bucks to get access to this value-packed resources will help pay for the expenses of this project, and will fuel my pursuit to add more brewery tours to the library. I want everyone to be apart of this growing gluten free culture, and while these breweries may be out of reach to you on a physical level, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be experiencing them virtually with us.

Can I get a discount for being on your email list?

YES, you may…IF you’re on our email list!

I want to thank every single reader in this thriving community by offering you a special code you can enter at checkout to receive a FREE brew tour.* Here’s the catch. You only have 48 hours to claim your FREE brewery tour before the discount code expires!

Discount Code:

*Conditions apply.

When you join our email list at the link above, you will be sent an email that looks shockingly similar to THIS blog post, only instead of sign up links (like the one above) you will see a DISCOUNT CODE in it’s place!

Why are some documentaries longer than others?

The films for Ghostfish and Ground Breaker have longer run times because they are MUCH larger facilities with MUCH larger production volumes. They also both have thriving gluten free brew pubs, whereas Moonshrimp does not. Lastly, Moonshrimp is essentially a family-run operation, whereas the others have larger management teams, and in the case of Ghostfish, multiple owners. ALL owners and key team members were interviewed for these films, meaning that there’s just a bit more to share for some of them.

I sent you a question for the brewers. Was it answered?

Before I embarked on the brew tour road trip last summer, I gave you all the opportunity to send in questions for the owners and brewmasters. ALL of your questions were asked, and ALL of the answers I received are included in the tours.

Are the brew tours perfect?

HA! Ok…silly question. But no, they’re not perfect. Brewhouses are LOUD. I spent a lot of time attending to the audio in the editing process, but it’s not flawless. Sometimes there is background noise from the brew process, or from customers in the brew pubs. But I did my very best to deliver the highest quality film possible with the footage I had, and I hope it shows. I learned a lot on these first three tours, and there are many things that I will do better next time having had this experience. But with that being said, I’m proud of the work done on these first three, and I hope you agree!

β†’ Take me to the brew tours! β†

(Click to visit the Brew Tour Store and watch the free teasers.)


I hope I’ve answered all of your questions, and now I’d like to give you the opportunity to go claim that FREE brew tour before the code expires! I care a lot about all of these breweries that have supported us by supplying us with 100% SAFE gluten free beer that we can enjoy without the possibility of an unwanted trip to the hospital. I hope you enjoy ducking behind the curtain to see how they do it.

If you enjoy the brew tours, write me a note and let me know. I would love to share the feedback with the breweries.


Thank you for your support and…cheers!


Best Gluten Free Beers

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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