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Burning Brothers Brewing Most Coast IPA

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Burning Brothers Brewing Most Coast IPA

Brewed In A Dedicated Gluten Free Brewery

Today’s review is for the Most Coast IPA brewed by Burning Brother Brewing. This is a gluten free beer brewed in a dedicated gluten free facility in St. Paul, Minnesota. Burning Brothers is currently the only dedicated gluten free brewery in Minnesota, and one of the few in the midwest.

Burning Brothers Most Coast IPA

The Most Coast IPA is a flagship offering brewed on millet and sorghum, with a 5.8% ABV and 70 IBU. This is not my first review of Burning Brothers. When you’re done with this one, I highly recommend checking out my previous reviews for the Midway Lager, Auntie M’s Irish Red Ale, Pyro American Pale Ale, and their Roasted Coffee Ale.

Here is the video of the Most Coast IPA pour…

The Taste Test

Most Coast IPA

The Most Coast IPA pours with a full golden color, moderate clarity, and a generous head. The head lasts some time and leaves a frosting on the top of the beer that crawls up the sides of the glass. 

This IPA smells hop forward and citrusy. It tastes earthy and floral with a medium body and strong carbonation. Itโ€™s crisp and fairly light on the malt qualities. There is a significant sweetness however, but itโ€™s well balanced by the bitterness that comes in on the back end. 

The first thing you notice as you sip the Most Coast is its aroma and texture. The carbonation hits the front of the palate before you begin to register the earthy tones and the mouthfeel imparted by the beerโ€™s body. Then the hops linger heavily on the back of the palate and bitterness coats the tongue after swallow. Thereโ€™s a bit of carmely sweetness left in the throat as well. 

It tastes like a pretty powerful IPA. Iโ€™m excited to see Burning Brothers incorporating millet into their recipes. I may be remembering wrong, but I feel like they used to stick primarily to sorghum. I would place the bitterness pretty high on this one. The 70 IBU lingers significantly, which I love–but might not be the best for you fair-weather hop heads. ;) 

st paul minnesota dedicated gluten free beer most coast ipa

Iโ€™m impressed by the head, because it continues to persist, even 15-20 minutes later and after drinking 1/4 of the glass. I find this Most Coast IPA to be a solid IPA offering from Burning Brothers and Iโ€™d be curious what other IPA-loving Minnesotans think of this particular beer. Comment below!

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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