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Find answers to some of the most common questions about gluten free beer! Read on to learn:

  • What’s the best gluten free beer?
  • Is Corona beer gluten free?
  • Is there certified gluten free beer?
  • Which beers are gluten free and which are gluten reduced?
  • What beers are safe for Celiacs?

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helpful resources to make the gluten free beer hunt a little less daunting

Breweries that are 100% gluten free are ideal for any Celiac. They maintain facilities that are free of contaminants and cross-contamination because they don’t produce any products that contain gluten. This sets them apart from average breweries that offer both regular and gluten free options…

If you live on the East Coast, you might be tired of seeing all these delicious West Coast beers floating through your feed! You might be left wondering “Where can I find gluten free beer near me?” Well if so, this East Coast gluten free beer guide is made just for you!

Ever wish you had a gluten free beer list you could sort by beer style, by state, or by gluten free vs. gluten reduced status? This list can help you identify gluten free breweries in your local region, and may also give you a peak at what kind of gluten free beer styles they brew.

What readers are saying...

Thank goodness I found this blog! I've been totally heartbroken since my Celiac diagnosis because beer is one of my favorite ways to relax at the end of a long day. Now I realize I don't have to give it up. Thank you for helping us learn about these amazing gluten free beers!
~ Shannon
I live in the northeast US and I had no idea that there were several 100% dedicated gluten free breweries in my pocket of the country. Time for a roadtrip! Thanks so much for this gluten free beer brand list! It takes the gluten free FOMO factor down a few notches. :]
~ Ryan
Hey Best Gluten Free Beers, my wife found your blog while we were traveling in the UK a few years back, but we're from the midwest and have found a few precious gluten free beer options where we live because of your reviews! Fingers crossed for more gluten free breweries in the midwest. Thanks again.
~ Jesse

Meet The Founder

lindsi kay consulting

My name is Lindsi and I’ve been gluten free since 2011.

I founded Best Gluten Free Beers in 2015 and have been connecting thirsty beer drinkers with delicious gluten free beer ever since!

Newly diagnosed? Feeling lost in this new gluten free reality? You are absolutely not alone. The social communities below are filled with thousands of others who have at least two things in common…

1. They LOVE (and miss) beer.
2. They live gluten FREE!

Gluten Free Beer


The term ‘gluten free’ is thrown around frequently these days. You see the word used in restaurants, grocery stores, and media outlets. You read it on food labels, advertisements, and all over the internet. Many of you may already be eating (and living) gluten free yourself, but many of you might still have some questions.  Read More

As you peruse the colorful shelves of your local market’s gluten free beer/cider section, you may notice that some bottles bare the fine print label “gluten reduced” or “crafted to remove gluten”. If you are someone who abstains from gluten for serious health reasons, you may want to consider the implications of these subtle words.  Read More

Not a simple answer, unfortunately. First of all, it depends on what country you live in, what state/region you live in, and what your state laws are. If you’re lucky enough to live in a region with dedicated gluten free breweries, chances are you have access to their distribution channels. If not, you may still be able to order gluten free beer online!  Read More