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I’ve had a few questions lately regarding sources for gluten free home brewing supplies and ingredients. So I thought I’d put together a brief summary of some good options for affordable online sources.

It’s my hope that these recommendations may empower you to experiment with your very own homebrew adventures. Last year we had a Best Gluten Free Beers homebrew experiment of our own, and if you’d like to learn more about our experience and what we learned…check out the Step-By-Step Homebrew Guide link on this page.


Option #1: Adventures in Homebrewing

Find them at!

This company is a great online source for brewing equipment and for certain brewing ingredients. They are not a gluten free dedicated shop though, so don’t expect to get your allergen sensitive products here. But if you need to equip yourself with a brew set-up or make a hop order, is definitely a great option. They are family-owned and have been in operation since 1999. This site also provides recipes and educational resources, although not all of it will be useful for us gluten freezers.



Option #2: Amazon

One Stop Shop

Another good place to source brewing equipment is Amazon. But I wouldn’t really send you here for any fresh food ingredients. The nice thing about Amazon is you can get all your online shopping done in one place–including your brew equipment! So if you have a few Where To Buy Gluten Free Home Brewing Suppliesrandom items on your shopping list, utilizing Amazon is definitely a way to save on shipping costs.

The equipment list from our last home-brew contains online source links to all the items we used to brew our beer. Check out that blog post to find a specific list of supplies you can model after when building your home-brew set-up!



Option #3: Gluten Free Home Brewing

Alternative Grains Source

When brewing gluten free, the hardest ingredient to source is the gluten free grain. Lucky for us…Grouse Malting and Roasting Co. exists! They are a 100% dedicated gluten free malting company based in Colorado. Many gluten free breweries use Grouse grains in their recipes, and it’s what we used when we made our last homebrew as well. Currently the only online source I know of for small scale home operations is Check them out for your GF grain needs.

By the way, Grouse Malting just updated their website, so now is a great time to check them out and see what they’re about.



Sample Equipment List

A sample home brewing equipment list can be found here. This is a list we put together to share with all of you during our latest home brewing adventure. We basically wrote down every piece of equipment we used (even ones that made our jobs easier–but weren’t mandatory) and provided online links to those products for your convenience. Again…this is just one example of one set-up. There are many other ways to do it, but if you’re looking for a good starting point, maybe our list will be of use to you.


gluten free home brewing equipment list






P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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