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Holidaily Brewing Big Henry Hazy IPA

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Big Henry Hazy IPA by Holidaily Brewing Company

Inspired By Gold-Medal Winner, Boombastic Hazy IPA

I’m excited to bring you a fresh pour and review of the Big Henry Hazy IPA recently released by Holidaily Brewing in Golden, Colorado. This is a brand new flagship of theirs, packaged in 12 ounce cans.

Holidaily Brewing Big Henry Hazy IPA

Inspired by their GABF Gold-medal winner the Boombastic Hazy IPA, the Big Henry aims to embody the traditional qualities of a hazy IPA and leans on a wide variety of hops to accomplish its goal. The front of the label depicts everything from mountain lakes to seaside fishing and offers a tip of the hat to that “Big Henry” trophy fish that you can’t seem to catch.

This Hazy IPA is brewed on a malt base of millet and buckwheat and its hop blend includes cashmere and mosaic hops. The Big Henry Hazy IPA will be available in over 1000 locations across Colorado and Arizona. It has an ABV of 6.3%, and 35 IBU.

The Taste Test

Big Henry Hazy IPA

The Big Henry Hazy IPA pours with a deeply hazy pineapple yellow color, but in dimmer lighting it has a muted straw yellow color. The head pours well and lasts for a minute or two. It leaves a ring behind and the beer’s carbonation continuously supplies a fountain of bubbles up the middle of the glass. After being left to sit undisturbed for a few minutes, the Big Henry takes on a frostier appearance. 

The aroma is incredibly juicy and hits me like a truck as I’m filming the beer pour. It smells richly tropical, like a tropical fruit sorbet. I can’t wait any longer to see what it tastes like. Holy wow! This is a delicious hazy IPA. It’s taste is not sharp or particularly bitter and it’s nowhere near as juicy as the aroma, but it’s clean and dry and balanced and fruity, and still manages to showcase the malts.

When the Big Henry Hazy IPA first hits my tongue, I first notice the silky mouthfeel and the bready grain flavors left by the malts. This is accompanied by a dry citrus fruitiness that gently coats the mouth after swallow. The bitterness is mild and well blended with Big Henry’s other features.

This Hazy IPA is so incredibly balanced that no one quality overpowers any other. It manages to be bold—yet easy drinking, juicy—without being sweet, and super dry—without too much bitterness. It starts bright, but then you’re met with the beer’s body which is soft like satin. It finishes dry and crisp (not sharp), but its silky texture remains on the palate and the tropical flavors linger in the throat.

Holidaily Brewing Big Henry Hazy IPA

I love love love this Hazy. Holidaily did a fantastic job. We are so lucky that they decided to make this a year round beer. They told me they chose to package it in 12 oz. cans in order to make it more distribution friendly too!

I can’t wait to hear what you all think about this Big Henry Hazy, so if you get your hands on any, don’t forget to come back and let me know what you thought of it. Be sure to follow @glutenfreebeers on IG and join our Facebook group too. :)

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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1 year ago

It tastes good, but has a very peppery and sharp aftertaste. It actually hurt my Celiac gut. Anyone else have this issue?

Trace Brazil
Trace Brazil
2 years ago

Big Henry is fantastic. Astounding flavor and GF? Best GF beer I’ve tasted. Thank you!

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