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Neff Brewing Houston We Have A Problem Mexican Lager

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Houston, We Have A Problem: Gluten Free Lager

Gluten Free Mexican Lager by Neff Brewing

This is my first review for New Era Fine Fermentations, recently renamed Neff Brewing. Neff is one of the United State’s newest dedicated gluten free breweries and they are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have never been to this brewery in person (at least not yet!) but I can only imagine it is a gluten free paradise surrounded by a [gluten free] beer desert.

Today, I’m reviewing the Houston, We Have A Problem Mexican Lager. It’s a 4.5% ABV, 18 IBU lager that I poured from a crowler can. The last lager I reviewed on this blog was the very dark rice lager by Eckert Brewing, but I expect this Neff Brewing lager to be the polar opposite of that.

Mexican lagers tend to be more closely related to Vienna lagers than a typical American lager. This is due to its 19th century roots when German immigrants began commercially brewing their European style lagers after settling in Mexico.

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The Taste Test

Houston, We Have A Problem Mexican Lager

The Houston We Have a Problem Mexican Lager poured with a beautiful head, even from a crowler can that was sealed a full week ago. The head doesn’t rush off either, and a thin layer of tiny bubbles remain once it leaves. (Just like you might expect from a typical glutenFULL lager.) Gluten free beer sure has come a long way.

It has a lovely straw yellow color, until held up to the light when it becomes a vibrant sunshine yellow. It appears to be carbonated to a healthy (and thirst-inducing) level. This lager is also extremely clear.

It smells light and crisp, and doesn’t pack much alcohol on the nose. The taste is wonderfully refreshing. This lager has an extremely clean flavor and a perfect crisp mouthfeel. It’s light bodied and flavored, but very well balanced in all its mild qualities. There is not a single “off” characteristic about it. It’s beautiful.

It has a clean corn-like malt background, very light and delicate. There is a [very] gentle fruity sweetness in the flavor profile…it’s almost apple-like. Houston We Have A Problem is an enjoyable, easy-drinking lager that would be a fantastic go-to for a light beer occasion. It’s mellow, but not at all boring.

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The flavor is refreshing, and the texture is thirst-quenching. I’m not usually one to reach for a lager, but this is lovely. And with the relatively lower ABV, it’s a great option for when you want to put a few back without too heavy a consequence. It can hold its own as a beverage, but would accompany any type of food easily too.

It’s the first beer I’ve ever tried from Neff Brewing, and I’ll admit, it has me excited to pop open the next one! Have you had the opportunity to try the Houston We Have A Problem Mexican Lager? If so, what did you think of it? (Comment below.)

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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