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Walkabout Brewing Co. Ale (Gluten Reduced)

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Walkabout Brewing Co. Review

Gluten Reduced Ale

I’ve been eyeing this gluten reduced ale in one of my local natural foods store for awhile, and finally decided to give it a taste. It comes from Medford Oregon and is brewed by Walkabout Brewing Co.

walkabout brewing co. gluten free beer review

I gather that it is their only gluten “free” (below 20 ppm) option, as it doesn’t seem to have a name beyond Gluten Free Ale. I think it’s the lack of identity that has kept me from purchasing this beer in the past. That and the fact that I opt for 100% gluten free most of the time. But I shall at least taste this one, and let you know what I think!


The Walkabout Taste Test

The beer pours a crystal clear light orange. It has a heavy head, heavier than I’m used to with my usual gluten FREE go-tos. But that’s because it’s a barley brewed beer!

In fact, when I poured it–I forgot this fact and was a little hasty with the pour. Oops. I’ve found that when I pour gluten free beers, I tend to pour them a little rough to encourage a head. That’s not necessary with this gluten reduced ale though. ;)

It has a nice hoppy aroma. It’s inviting. It’s familiar. (I experience this often with gluten reduced beers. They’re such a tease.)

walkabout brewing co. gluten free beer review

It has a pleasant carbonation level and a citrusy-hoppy taste and a light body. The aftertaste is slightly…not my favorite. But it’s not bad.

The beer’s taste is light at the start of the palate, and then gets progressively happier and a bit more bitter as it moves through the taste experience. It has a 32 IBU which is slightly lower than what I would have guessed. It has a reasonable, but not overboard 5.5% ABV, so you can get a healthy buzz on with this brew.

walkabout brewing co. gluten free beer review

It’s definitely very drinkable…my main beef is the gluten origin. Not my style these days, but I highly recommend trying this beer if you are tolerant of gluten reduced brews. I noticed I liked it even more as it warmed up.

I’m not quite sure how far they distribute. Has anyone else ever seen it in stores?



P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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