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What’s this site all about?

This site has one simple purpose: to connect gluten free beer lovers with the best gluten free beer on the market today! was founded by a self-proclaimed beer snob who was forced to quit drinking her beloved microbrews after realizing she had been battling undiagnosed Celiac Disease for some time. She had no choice but to go off gluten cold-turkey, a decision that, without question, saved her life. While her health improved dramatically with this lifestyle change, her beer options did not.

“You can replace bread. You can replace pasta. You can replace crackers. But you just can’t replace beer. Not with the same selection and variety that gluten-brewed beers provide. At least not yet. But that is changing fast, and this website will help connect [GF] beer brewers with [GF] beer drinkers. The market is growing on both ends and we want to bridge the gap.”   -Lindsi Cagan, Website Founder

gluten free beerThe market has been exploding over the past few years with gluten free beers and cider companies. The problem is, most of them just aren’t any good. Many are trying, but are falling short of creating a flavorful, bold, and memorable brew that will keep us choosing gluten free by choice. There are a few exceptions to this–admittedly pessimistic–assessment of the gluten free beer industry, and we will discuss them in upcoming articles.

What can you expect to find on this site? will provide beer lovers with reviews, deals, articles, releases, and anything else relevant to passionate beer drinkers. But most importantly, this site will provide a community for the all of the gluten free beer fanatics out there…and we know there’s a lot of them!

This site will act as an informational resource for the gluten free options in the beer world. Subscribe with your email address to receive exclusive deals and news releases from!


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