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Burning Brothers Brewing Tart Cherry Sour

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Burning Brothers Brewing Tart Cherry Sour

Gluten Free in Minnesota

Here’s a unique one! Today I’m reviewing the Tart Cherry Sour brewed by Burning Brothers Brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota. Burning Brothers is a dedicated gluten free brewery, so Celiacs can rest easy knowing this beer will never make them sick.

Burning Brothers Tart Cherry Sour

This gluten free sour is brewed on sorghum, cherry concentrate, and rice syrup. It has a 4.8% ABV and is packaged in 16 ounce cans. I have reviewed a handful of gluten free beers from this brewery, and I have to say, they tend to do a pretty great job working with the sorghum.

Below is the pour video for the Tart Cherry Sour. If you stick around until the end of the review, you’ll find a list of other beers I’ve reviewed of theirs. Be sure to check out the Irish Red!

The Taste Test

Gluten Free Tart Cherry Sour

This Tart Cherry Sour pours with a highly variable color that ranges from deep cranberry red to an Autumn-brown, depending on the light. There are no shapes visible through the beer, as the body hides all but the light. 

There was a mild head that leaves pretty quickly, but a ring of bubbles remain at the top of the glass. The nose is bright and unmalty, but full of—you guessed it—cherry. It has the faintest whiff of tartness to the aroma. 

The taste reveals a cherry beer that isn’t quite as sour as the name had me believing it would be! (I’m actually a little thankful as sours can hit me a bit weird this time of year.) I’m also relieved to share that the beer isn’t particularly sweet either. I would say it presents quite a nice balance between the tart and sweet extremes actually, making it extremely thirst quenching and a bit like a dessert for the palate!

The first impression is texture-based, but that’s quickly followed by the sweetly sour cherry flavors. It has a medium body and a fairly clean finish with no bitterness. It honestly remind me a bit of an italian soda in mouthfeel—but WAY less sweet. 

gluten free tart cherry sour

I’ll be honest, I get a bit timid around cherry flavored anything, because it can often trigger memories of cherry-flavored medicine from my childhood (not a good thing), BUT I’m happy to report I am not getting any medicinal flashbacks from the flavors of this beer.

It seems pretty well balanced in the overall tasting experience, apart from the fact that it’s so fruity and easy-drinking, it hardly resembles beer! There’s no funky aftertaste on the backend, not from the cherry, nor the sorghum. 

I’m going to say it again, this fruit beer finishes very clean, and does taste quite light as the 4.8% ABV suggests. 

Burning Brothers Tart Cherry Sour

This is certainly an interesting one from Burning Brothers. I wouldn’t usually reach for a beer like this, but I got to say, it’s pretty enjoyable. It’s also one of the least sour sours I’ve tasted this season. 
You know what it reminds me of a bit? The tea beers I reviewed last year by Wild Ohio Brewing Co. Probably because the hops are mild and the fruit is heavy, in addition to being brewed on sorghum and syrup as opposed to malted grain.

As you might imagine, there is no malt qualities to this beer. I think this beer would be enjoyable year round, whether it’s a hot summer day—or alongside a turkey dinner. It’s nice and light, so it won’t keep you from enjoying a second…or third. :)

If you’ve had the opportunity to taste this Tart Cherry Sour, what did you think of Burning Brother’s creation? Would you recommend it to your friends? Comment below. 


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