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Coors Peak Lager

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Coors Peak Copper Lager

Gluten Free Lager

Just a heads up: This beer has been discontinued and is no longer on the market. I feel the closest mainstream alternative is the Anheuser-Busch Redbridge. You can buy it online here. But you also have access to Glutenberg in a lot of the US (plus online sales), and they are-in my opinion–far superior. And dedicated gluten free too. 

As you may already know, one of the mainstream options currently no longer on the market today is the Coors shot at a gluten free beer. They call it the Coors Peak Copper Lager, and I think it’s time we review it!

gluten free beer reviews coors peak lager

This beer is totally gluten free from start to finish. Props to Coors for not using the enzyme…or sorghum. That being said, the Peak lager ingredients are, well…unexciting.

  • brown rice malt
  • brown rice
  • pea protein
  • hops
  • caramel sugar

The Taste Test

Coors Peak Copper Lager

The beer is very clear and it has a nice color. A rich golden copper hue. There’s a very light, quickly-vanishing head. The carbonation is mild. I’m not a fan of the aroma though.

gluten free beer reviews coors peak lager

This beer definitely has more flavor than say, the NGB lager. Although, I’m not really sure I enjoy the flavor. It’s just…meh.

But it’s worth noting, if I wasn’t gluten free and I could drink any type of beer I wanted–I wouldn’t be buying Coors. Not since college anyway.  I only bring attention to this so that you may weigh my bias when reviewing these types of beers. ;)

Overall, I found that I liked it best when cold…and from the bottle. (Cuts down on the aroma I wasn’t a fan of.) Honestly, the only thing I really like about this beer is its accessibility to gluten free customers (thanks to the Coors distribution network). EDIT: This is no longer the case, since the beer was discontinued.

I’d be curious to hear from readers who preferred Coors in their glutenous days…do you like this beer? How do you think it measures up to the regular gluten-full Coors? Feel free to comment your thoughts below. I’d love to hear them.


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gluten free beer reviews coors peak lager

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