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Evasion Brewing Blonde Ale

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Gluten Free Blonde Ale For The Masses

Brewed by Evasion Brewing in Oregon

It’s time to pop open another Evasion beer for review! This time I’m tasting the yellow-labeled Evasion Brewing Blonde Ale. A few weeks back I published a review for their Hophoria IPA, so this week we’re going to explore one of their lighter flagship offerings. Officially, summer is only about a week away so it’s time to start talking about refreshing thirst quenchers for those hot sunny days.

Evasion Brewing Blonde Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

Evasion Brewing is based in McMinnville, Oregon and is a 100% dedicated gluten free facility. The Blonde Ale is only one of several gluten free brews packaged by Evasion. The distribution network doesn’t reach far, but I hope that changes soon. For everyone.

The Evasion Brewing Blonde Ale grain profile includes only millet and rice. It boasts a mild 4% ABV and an IBU count so low that they didn’t publish it on the bottle (the way they did with their IPA). They market it as a sessionable ale that is perfect after a long day’s work.

Let’s see, shall we…

Evasion Brewing Blonde Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

The Taste Test

Blonde Ale By Evasion Brewing

The Evasion Brewing Blonde Ale poured beautifully. I encourage you to check in with the @glutenfreebeers Instagram to see for yourself. It had a pretty head, which bubbled away quickly after pouring. This made it hard to capture in photos as I was videoing the pour at the time.

It poured a bright and clear yellow color, and had a wonderful sound. The aroma is sweet-ish and hops are present, but not overpowering. This particular brew uses Cascade and Golding hops. This beer smells like it’s going to be incredible refreshing on this warm Spring day.

Evasion Brewing Blonde Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

I’m not much for Blonde Ales in general, but I really like this one! The taste is mildly sweet, as noted in the aroma. The maltiness is balanced well with the crispness of the body. There is no one flavor overpowering any of the others.

The millet and the rice created a wonderfully balanced, slightly bready profile. No trace of sorghum aftertaste either, because this beer wasn’t brewed with any sorghum! A fine gluten free craft beer if you ask me. The aftertaste is clean, so no complaints there either. As I sit here enjoying the nuances of this beer…it occurs to me that this may be my favorite blonde ale yet!

Evasion Brewing Blonde Ale Gluten Free Beer Review

The beer is light and easy drinking, but packed full of flavor at the same time. I am so glad I chose this one to follow up all my yard work and weed pulling. What a treat.  I must say Evasion, this is a Blonde that I would actually drink. You did good with this one.

Has anyone else had the pleasure of trying this Blonde Ale? What did YOU think? If Blondes are your jam, then be sure to check out another recent review I shared…this one for Holidaily Brewing Company’s Favorite Blonde!


P.S. Did you get the chance to read the Hophoria IPA beer review yet? (Also by Evasion Brewing.)

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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