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Duck Foot Brewing ChocoNut Lust Porter (Gluten Reduced)

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Happy Halloween Beer Lovers!

A Porter Review For This Chilly Fall Day

I can no longer live in denial…winter is approaching. (NOT my favorite time of year.) However, it does give me a good excuse to crack open a chocolate hazelnut porter from Duck Foot Brewing! They call it the ChocoNut Lust.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t often get to indulge in a porter, so this is somewhat of a special occasion. They’re a nice seasonal treat. As I write this, I am curled up with this beer on the floor of my living room in front of my (very old school) radiator–soaking in as much of its heat as I can manage.
duck foot brewing choconut lust porter

Before going on, I want to be clear. This beer is gluten reduced. Originally brewed from gluten ingredients, and then crafted to remove the gluten. If you are very sensitive to gluten or have Celiac Disease, please proceed with this knowledge in mind.

ChocoNut Lust Porter

Gluten Reduced Beer by Duck Foot Brewing

As you would expect from a traditional chocolate porter, this ale pours dark and opaque, with a healthy head that still sits on the top of the beer 10+ minutes after pouring.

Aroma is mellow, but mostly smells of nutty-chocolate. The body is thick and the flavor rich. It’s sweet and smooth and goes down pretty easy for a heavy ale.

duck foot brewing choconut lust porter

The ChocoNut Lust has a low IBU, sitting at only 22, so if you’re a fan of full dark beers, but don’t take kindly to the bitterness of stouts, this Cascade hop-laced porter may be for you. Assuming the gluten reduced quality doesn’t bother you of course.

This beer is brewed with chopped hazelnuts and cacao nibs, giving it an earthy taste to compliment the changing season. It’s very malty with notes of caramel and has a moderate 5.9% ABV.

Bad News For The Dairy-Free

As I was enjoying this chocolate brew and studying the label, I learned something unfortunate (for me). Along the left-hand side it says “Contains hazelnuts, cacao, and lactose.” Bummer. I have to stop drinking it, as my body does not handle lactose well at all.

duck foot brewing choconut lust porterThis issue hasn’t come up for me much in the gluten free/reduced beer world. Unfortunately I had not thought to look. Once I noticed this on the label, I searched both online and on-label for a more specific ingredient list, but did not find one. I’m super relieved that I didn’t finish the whole 22 ounces before reading this small print.

This shouldn’t be a problem at all for anyone who can eat/drink dairy without issue. But it is not the most allergen-friendly brew, for those of is struggling with multiple allergies/sensitivities.

But hey! Dairy free people–don’t worry…Duck Foot Brewing makes an assortment of other (lactose free) ales. A couple of which I’ve already reviewed, such as The Looker Blonde Ale and The Contender IPA. Check them out, and keep in mind that like this porter, they are also gluten reduced!

If you are curious about whether or not a had a reaction to the gluten reduced nature of these ales, please refer to one of the other Duck Foot reviews, as I was able to finish the other ones fully and give a more accurate assessment of the effect (or lack thereof).






P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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