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Moonshrimp Brewing One Small Step IPA

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One Small Step Gluten Free IPA

Brewed by Moonshrimp Brewing

I got the very first bottle to come out of the most recent One Small Step IPA batch! Picked up directly from the brewery itself. (Thanks Daniel!) It’s distributed in 22 oz. bottles, like all their beers. The only place I can buy it in my town is the local Market of Choice.

moonshrimp brewing one small step ipa beer review

The beer pours with an attractive head that holds for a couple minutes. Carbonation is audible from the glass. It has a bright and slightly cloudy color and a very mild scent. Both of which were surprising to me, as I’m used to my IPA’s pouring a little darker and usually with very hoppy aromas. This beer doesn’t carry a whole lot of scent to me. (see comment re: hops below)

The Taste Test

One Small Step IPA…

This brew has a very light body. The carbonation level is perfect. But the taste is actually pretty confusing to me. I’ve never had an IPA like it…


I see here on their website that they use Cascade hops, Chinook hops, and a “hop mix” in this brew. I’m not sure what the hop mix consists of. I also wonder what type of hop stages this particular beer goes through.

There’s bitterness there, but the hop profile doesn’t taste as defined as I’m accustomed to. You know that moment when you sip a classic India Pale Ale and you think “Mmm…Pine!” or “Mmm…citrus!”? Well, I can’t seem to identify with any one thing. To be fair, IF it has a very floral scent–I would likely miss that, as I’ve never been able to detect flowery smells well…or at all. (Weird, I know…) 

This beer has no sorghum! The only grain in this IPA is millet. (Which I assume is coming from Grouse Malting and Roasting Company.) Perhaps this is why the body seems light to me. Personally, I prefer my IPA’s to carry a bit more weight in the body. I like my IPAs to punch me in the mouth with rich, hoppy, bitter flavor. (That’s just me though.) This one doesn’t quite do that. It’s a bit cider-y. The lingering taste is a combination between bitter and sour.

This One Small Step IPA boasts 62 IBUs (surprises me a little) and sits at about 6.9% ABV. It may have a light body, but it packs a buzz.

The Beer of Portlandia

I noticed that the ingredients for most of Moonshrimp’s beers contain a vegan label. While I definitely have my dietary restrictions (ahem…gluten and dairy), I am far from vegan. So this is not a major selling point for me, but hey…Moonshrimp Brewing calls Portland OR home. For those of you who haven’t been to Portland–or seen Portlandia…Well, let’s just say, Moonshrimp has got a serious demand for vegan products.

moonshrimp brewing one small step ipa beer review

There are two gluten free breweries in Portland, and I’m going to say it right now–they are completely different from each other. And I have to say, I’m so happy that this gluten free market is expanding well enough to have breweries that aren’t just copying each other.

The glutenous beer world is packed full of breweries that have their own unique style and taste–whether you love it or hate it. Until recently, Celiacs had very limited options and they were mostly all the same: BAD. Now we have two 100% gluten free breweries in this city alone, and they are completely different from one another, providing safe gluten free beers for a variety of tastes and palates. Can’t complain about THAT.

Where are my Portland GF beer drinkers at?

Have you tried this unique brew? What did you think of it?

moonshrimp brewing one small step ipa beer review

OH!…and guess what?

The Moonshrimp Brewing seasonal Saison has arrived and we have a review coming up! Best Gluten Free Beers was also lucky enough to receive a private tour from Moonshrimp’s brewmaster…stay tuned for an inside look!


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4 years ago

It’s a strange beer indeed. That’s why I came online to see if there was something wrong with this beer. It has a light sour taste. Like a sour beer, but much better. If it’s supposed to taste like this then I could enjoy a 22 oz occasionally if it packs a buzz.

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