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Gluten Free Home Brew Recipe: Brew Your Own Beer!

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Gluten Free Home Brew #1 – The Recipe

We did it. We brewed a 100% gluten free beer at home. And guess what? Making our own gluten free home brew wasn’t that much harder than home brewing a regular beer–except that the ingredients were harder to source.

We know there’s many of you out there that have interest in experimenting with your own gluten free home brew. That’s why we’ve decided to make this recipe we wrote public. Use it as a starting point as you dream up your own creation.

gluten free home brew recipe

This recipe was written to produce an IPA. Keep in mind that the recipe does not break down each and every step we took during the brewing process. It is simply the ingredients and the hop addition schedule. If you’d like to know what supplies we used to brew this beer, you can find our equipment list here.

If you would like some additional guidance on the brewing process. check out our FREE Step-By-Step Guide to home brewing a gluten free beer. It walks you through each phase of the brewing process and shares some insight about what we plan to do differently next time.

The Recipe

This recipe was written for a 10 gallon home brew. If you were to do a 5 gallon brew, you would halve it, more or less. 

  • 8 lbs  Pale Millet Malt                    
  • 1 lb    Munich Millet Malt                   
  • 1 lb    Pale Buckwheat Malt               
  • 1 lb    French Roasted Millet Malt
    All of our grain came from Grouse Malting & Roasting Company. They are a fantastic resource for 100% gluten free malted grains. You can buy their grains from
  • ¾ lb   Coconut Sugar
    You can buy this at any local natural food store, or you can find it here on Amazon.
  • 1 lb    Gluten Free Maltodextrin
    We actually used 8 oz. of arrowroot powder instead because we questioned the gluten content of the maltodextrin I bought. We debated between tapioca and arrowroot. We would not recommend the arrowroot though. Next time we may try the tapioca, or just ensure our maltodextrin is gluten free.


Fresh Hops

You can find a full hop addition schedule at the bottom of this post.

  • 1 oz   Millennium Hops
  • 2 oz   CTZ Hops                    
  • 2 oz   Horizon Hops                  
  • 1.5 oz   Simcoe Hops                   
  • 1.5 oz   Bravo Hops                    
  • 1.5 oz   Crystal Hops
Additional Dry Hop Ingredients
  • 1 oz Columbus Hops            
  • 1 oz Simcoe Hops                    
  • 1 oz Bravo Hops                        
  • 1 oz Crystal Hops 

I have linked to an excellent source for both pellet and flower hops. However, I have linked to the main hop page, due to the seasonal factor. We used PELLET hops in our recipe, and that is what the weight is measured for. IF you use whole flower hops, you should 5x the weight of the pellets.

Hop Addition Schedule

60 min

1 oz   Millennium Hops
.5 oz   CTZ Hops
.5 oz   Horizon Hops

10 min

.25 oz  Simcoe Hops
.25 oz  CTZ Hops
.25 oz  Bravo Hops
.25 oz  Crystal Hops

5 min

.25 oz  Simcoe Hops
.25 oz  CTZ Hops
.25 oz  Bravo Hops
.25 oz  Crystal Hops


1 oz   Simcoe Hops
1 oz   CTZ Hops
1 oz   Bravo Hops
1 oz   Crystal Hops
1 oz   Horizon Hops



1 oz Columbus Hops
1 oz Simcoe Hops
1 oz Bravo Hops
1 oz Crystal Hops

Where do I start?

We have provided the list of ingredients we used above, but if you’ve never home brewed before, this list may seem a bit overwhelming. In order to better assist home brewing newbies, we’ve organized a how-to guide to walk you through the process we used, step-by-step. You can download that free resource here.

What type of equipment do I need?

Not ready to brew quite yet? We documented all the equipment and supplies we used to brew our gluten free beer. It is intended to be used as a guide, but please note that there are many ways to home brew. Home brewing can be done very small scale in the kitchen of your own home. However, we chose to brew a 10 gallon batch which means we used a home brew set-up outdoors with propane burners and a few non-mandatory tools that made our life easier. (Like a recirculation pump.)

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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