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Ground Breaker Brewing Huge Monster Hazy IPA

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Ground Breaker Brewing Huge Monster Hazy IPA

Gluten Free Hazy IPA

It’s been a minute since I released a new beer review. Life has been a bit crazy lately in the changes department. But I’m here and ready to review this gluten free Huge Monster Hazy IPA. Brewed by Ground Breaker Brewing in Portland, the Huge Monster IPA has a 8.4% ABV (whoa!) and is brewed on a long grain bill including sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa, rice, and millet. 

Gluten free Huge Monster Hazy IPA

Like all Ground Breaker beers, this hazy IPA is 100% gluten free and brewed in a dedicated gluten free facility. It is safe for ALL gluten sensitive individuals, especially those with Celiac Disease.
The Huge Monster Hazy IPA is a roll-up door series release, meaning it’s limited and likely won’t last long, so read on to learn more about it so you can get your hands on it before the taps go dry! 

This beer is labeled as a hazy IPA with a Norwegian twist. It utilizes kveik yeast in the fermentation. Kveik (pronounced “kuh-vike”) is a traditional Norwegian word for a type of ancient, domesticated yeast. It originated in western and southern Norway, but has re-surfaced in modern brewing methods. It’s known for its ability to ferment in high temperatures and high alcohol concentrations. Hence this 8.4% ABV monster in front of me…

Here’s the pour for the gluten free Huge Monster Hazy IPA. Keep reading to hear what I thought of it, and to catch up on other recent Ground Breaker Brewing reviews. 

The Taste Test

Huge Monster Hazy IPA

The Huge Monster Hazy IPA pours with a thick Autumn orange color and a consistent haze that allows light through, but not much else. It forms a short—but long lasting head at the top of the glass and the head texture is very fine. The Huge Monster IPA looks a lot like an imperial visually, in how it pours. I’m expecting this to be a big beer.

The hop aroma is strong, and I notice it throughout the full pour. The hop character is very forest heavy, but I’m also getting plenty of citrus. The taste is even more powerful than the aroma though, with hops leading the charge on the palate. 

Ground Breaker Huge Monster Hazy IPA

When the Huge Monster Hazy touches your lips, it’s bright in flavor and soft in texture. The bitterness and hop flavor sets in quickly by mid-palate, and the bitterness remains after the flavors fade. This gluten free hazy IPA finishes dry and strong, which gives it a nice juxtaposition to its onset. 

The remnants of the head stick around consistently, adorning the top of the glass with a whispy—almost spacey-looking beer cover. The grain backbone is strong, which supports the dense hop flavors well. The body is substantial, but the dryness balances the experience quite a bit, keeping the beer from drinking too heavy.

Gluten free Huge Monster Hazy IPA

This is an absolutely awesome hazy IPA form Ground Breaker Brewing. The 8.4% ABV means this 12 ounce pour will go a long way too! Huge Monster Hazy IPA is a big beer, in flavor, in mouthfeel, and in ABV. 

I’d be willing to guess its IBU rating is pretty high, and you will need to like dry IPAs to enjoy this beer fully. But luckily the PNW is saturated with hop heads like that, so overall, I’d venture a guess that this beer was well-received by the PNW. If you fit the bill for this beer, don’t wait. It won’t be around long and I wouldn’t miss it if I were you. ;)

Ground Breaker Huge Monster Hazy IPA

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P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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