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Ground Breaker Brewing Mellow Meridian Juicy Pale Ale

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Ground Breaker Brewing Mellow Meridian Juicy Pale Ale

Gluten Free Pale Ale

I have a brand new beer to pour from Ground Breaker Brewing! This one is called the Mellow Meridian Juicy Pale Ale and it’s brewed in a dedicated gluten free brewery in Portland, Oregon. The first in fact.

The Mellow Meridian Pale Ale is brewed on a diverse base of sorghum, rice, buckwheat, flaked quinoa, and millet. It is apart of their Ephemeral Series and has a 4.8% ABV. The 16 ounce can its packaged in has a design that is bright and hop-centric.

Mellow Meridian Juicy Pale Ale

I haven’t heard much commentary about this beer yet, so I’m excited to see how it pours and tastes. For those of you not located on the West coast as I am…don’t fret! Ground Breaker distributes to the east coast too! I’m not sure if their limited releases like this Mellow Meridian make it that far, but it is certainly worth the investigation.

If you’d like to see how this gluten free Juicy Pale Ale pours with your own eyes, take a look at the pour video below. Continue on to read my review and find a list of more Ground Breaker Brewing beers that you don’t want to miss!

The Taste Test

Mellow Meridian Juicy Pale Ale

The first thing I have to say about the Mellow Meridian Juicy Pale Ale is that it has an absolutely gorgeous color and head. The color of the beer literally matches all the shades of orange on the can as you move it around in different lights. I wonder if this was planned or just a beautiful coincidence. 

By the way, the head is consistent and lasting. The visual appearance is strong and the body has a juicy haze to it. The aroma is draped with citrus orange and gives the impression of a gentle bitterness. 

My first sip reveals that the citrus is stronger in the aroma than the flavor. The Mellow Meridian Juicy Pale Ale is extremely dry and moderately bitter. I’m getting a lot more grapefruit in the flavor, adding to the dry mouthfeel. Can I just say…YUM.

When the Mellow Meridian first hits your lips, the dryness is detected first and foremost. The malt and hop flavors come next, sort of at the same time at mid-palate, then the pale ale finishes with a dry grapefruit snap. 

I’d peg the Mellow Meridian at a medium body with a perfect amount of carbonation to showcase–but not compete–with the flavors. This beer is the perfect follow-up to my afternoon kayak session. It’s light enough not to hit too hard pre-dinner, but it is more than interesting enough to drink all night long. 

gluten free pale ale

I would compare this gluten free pale ale closely to a PNW IPA, with it’s hop-heavy focus and dry citrus qualities. If you like IPAs, you will love this beer. The diverse selection of malts have lent to a very balanced body that supports the fruity flavor and dry texture well. 

I have to say…I kinda wish Ground Breaker would brew this gluten free Juicy Pale Ale year round. It may be my new favorites of theirs! It just gets better with every sip and I can’t get over what a beauty it is. 😍

If Juicy Pales or IPAs aren’t your thing, don’t worry! Ground Breaker brews it all and I have a LOT of other reviews for you to comb through…

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P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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