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Ground Breaker Brewing Cantankerous Stout

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Ground Breaker Brewing Cantankerous Stout

Dedicated Gluten Free Stout

Our featured beer today is the Cantankerous Stout brewed by Ground Breaker Brewing in Portland Oregon. This stout is safe for absolutely any Celiac as it’s brewed in a dedicated gluten free facility…the first ever brewery of its kind, in fact! 

Ground Breaker Brewing kicked off the dedicated gluten free movement in the USA when they opened the first dedicated brewery under the original name Harvestor Brewing. They’ve been pumping out gluten free brews ever since.

At only 4.9% ABV, this is a light stout. Perhaps one of the lightest I’ve reviewed. It’s ABV compares closely to the Divine Science Moka Diosa Stout which clocks in at only 4.8%.

Below you will find the pour video for the Cantankerous Stout. Read on to hear what I thought of it…

The Taste Test

Cantankerous Stout

As you can see in the pour video above, the Cantankerous Stout pours beautifully. It is very dark, and oh-so willing to produce a bountiful head. When the tall head is present, the beer lets nothing through when held up to the light. Later, when the head bubbles away, there’s just the slightest twinge of light around the very edge of the glass, adjusting its shade to a dark milky brown color. The Cantankerous Stout is a gorgeous beer.

The aroma is packed with roasted malts and dark chocolate bars. The flavor carries a lot of that roast quality forward. It’s not at all sharp. In fact, it’s smooth and silky with a medium body that coats your tongue as you drink, giving the beer’s body an even fuller effect the more you consume of it.

When the Cantankerous Stout first hits your palate, you’re met with the roast flavors teased in the aroma and a twinge of texture from the carbonation. Then it washes over the tongue, leaving a light tinge of chocolatey bitterness and finishes dry. The bitterness fades, but the mouthfeel stays. The head doesn’t quit, even after a solid 15 minutes of tasting and typing. It’s beautiful!

As flavor intensity goes, this is a pretty easy-drinking stout. As bitterness goes, this is a very light stout. I think it would be hard to overwhelm anyone with the IBU of this stout. It’s smooth and creamy, not sharp and bitter. But it does have just enough roastiness and hop character to balance out the silky chocolate qualities.

This is a nice stout by Ground Breaker that I could see being enjoyed in a variety of seasons. It’s not heavy, but it is flavorful and has a wonderful aroma. It presents well too. 

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