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Holidaily Brewing Beulah Red Ale

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Gluten Free Beulah Red Ale

Brewed by Holidaily Brewing Company

I’m excited to bring you a review for a gluten free red ale today! Red ales feel a little bit scarce in the gluten free arena, which I suppose is a reflection of market demand, but there aren’t too many year-round reds that come to mind when I think gluten free. Today we’ll be tasting a seasonal release, the Holidaily Brewing Beulah Red Ale.

This beer, brewed in Golden Colorado, has some history behind its name! Beulah is a small Colorado town that happens to boast a quarry that held an incredibly rare red marble (rose onyx). This marble hasn’t been found anywhere else in the world, and is a point of pride for the small town. The state’s Capitol building is embellished with almost the entire known supply of this particular marble (which actually makes me a little sad) apart from the spare material kept in the basement for future repairs.

In the typical story-telling fashion of Holidaily’s can labels, the Beulah Rad Ale’s depicts the marble mine in its design. This gluten free red ale is brewed on a base of millet and buckwheat, and has a 5.2% ABV.

The Taste Test

Beulah Red Ale

The pour for this Holidaily Red Ale was absolutely beautiful. It has a faintly reddish cloudy brown color and a wonderful rocky head that fades quite slowly and then leaves you with a filmy top layer as the beer sits. (Love that.)

It smells strongly of toffee and spice to me. This is also one of those beers that tastes very similar to its aroma. The hops are pretty delicate on the flavor profile, but the warming spice character is quite powerful. The malt is center stage but it somehow manages to smell a bit heavier than it tastes, which makes the mouthfeel brighter and more refreshing than you might guess.

The Beulah Red Ale has a medium body and offers a carbonation-fueled crispness that surprises you a quick second after the brew hits your lips. I’m getting a lot of roasted caramel on the tongue with this one, and that’s the flavor that lingers the longest. There is virtually no bitterness detected on my palate.

This Red starts crisp and refreshing, then transitions to smooth and roasty, finishing warm and spicy. My favorite thing about this red is that it has all the qualities you would expect from an amber ale, WITHOUT the sweetness that typically accompanies them. It makes for a drier tasting experience and I love it.

If you’re a heavy amber drinker, there’s probably some of you out there that would prefer a slightly bolder body and a bit more sweetness on the malt profile. But this red ale hits the spot just perfect for me. It’s dual-grain malt bill offers tasting depth, but also keeps flavors clean and straight-forward.

Looks like Holidaily has got another winner in my book. I especially love all the story telling that comes along with their brews, and how it’s so well interpreted in the art on each can. It has me wondering, how many of you like your beer to come with a story? Something to read up on while enjoying a cold brew. Let me know your thoughts below…

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