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Holidaily Brewing Company Citrus Gose

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Holidaily Brewing Company Citrus Gose

Gluten Free Adventure Series

This past year, Holidaily Brewing Company launched a new series of experimental brews! The Adventure Series is a rotating release that just so happens to be a Citrus Gose this time around. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the Gose style, you can generally expect them to be both salty and sour. Traditionally brewed with a 50% wheat bill , the Gose originated in Goslar, Germany during the 13th century. This Holidaily Gose has a very light 3.9% ABV and is brewed 100% gluten free with millet and buckwheat.

The recipe also includes feijoa (Brazilian grapefruit), Arizona-grown grapefruit and lime. It’s packaged in 12 ounce black cans (matte this time!) with the consistent Adventure Series globe trotter branding.

Below you will find the beer pour video so you can see with your own eyes how this baby hits the glass. Keep reading to find my full review. 

The Taste Test

Adventure Series Citrus Gose

The first thing you notice when you pour this Citrus Gose is its unique color. When this gluten free Gose hits the glass, it reveals a pineapple creamsicle hue and a generous head. This beer is incredibly hazy, so the color doesn’t change much with the light. 

It smells of grapefruit and mango. Some goses have a really strong sour quality to the aroma, but this one is fairly mild, maybe even faintly sweet. The taste, however, is where that sour side is hiding. The sour isn’t too powerful, and it’s well balanced with the Gose’s salty character.

When the Adventure Series Citrus Goes hits your palate, you first notice its somewhat creamy–yet sour body alongside a bit of zippy texture from the carbonation. When the beer reaches mid-palate, you notice the sourness a bit more as it coats the tongue. This quality fades quickly into hoppy fruity notes though and the beer finishes dry and refreshing.

Once you finish your sip, this Citrus Goes clears the palate quite quickly. In other words, it doesn’t leave your lips puckered and it doesn’t make you ravenously thirsty from the sour kick. I like that about this Gose.

I love the balance of salty sour. The fruit has a tropical citrus quality, between the pineapple color, and grapefruit-mango flavor, this Adventure Series proves to be the perfect summer seasonal. 
What’s more is that its super light 3.9% ABV will allow you to sip these babies in the sun without letting things escalate too quickly. ;) 

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This is a fantastic addition to Holidaily Brewing’s Adventure Series. I only hope they brewed enough of it for all you Colorado beer lovers to score a taste. If you’re one of Holidaily’s lucky locals, be sure to head in there soon before this tap blows! 

If you missed the original Adventure Series release, you can catch up on that review here: Adventure Series Vienna Lager (100% gluten free, of course!)

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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