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Perfect Last Minute Gifts For Beer Lovers

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Perfect Last Minute Gifts For Beer Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

If you’re anything like me, the holidays tend to sneak up on you. It feels like yesterday I was eating home-smoked turkey and gluten free gravy. But here we are, just a couple weeks before Christmas, and a few of you out there might be having that “Uh oh. I haven’t found a gift for _____.”

I am here to help. But this list isn’t for just anyone…it’s for any beer lover. It is my firm belief that anyone who appreciates or (dare I say) loves beer, would certainly love to receive nay of the following gifts.

Perfect Last Minute Gifts For Beer Lovers

When it comes to gluten free beer lovers, getting your hands on a dedicated craft brewer’s beer would be ideal…but it sometime proves to be out of reach due to shipping laws or regional access problems. I wrote this list specifically for YOU.

5 Holiday Gifts For Beer Enthusiasts

(in no particular order)

When crafting this list, I was forced to keep in mind that readers of this blog are based ALL over the country (world, actually) so I chose gifts that would be available to most–if not all–of you, and I made special notes when there are savings available through coupon codes and free shipping minimums. Hope it helps!

Happy Holidays from BGFB!

1. Gluten Free Malt Mixes from Gluten Free Homebrewing

This is a really special gift that many of you might not have thought of. I myself have tried a handful of these gluten free malt products, and they are fantastic to have around. You can find gluten free:

  • Beer Batter Mix (YES! I made Fish ‘n Chips with this!)
  • Organic Amber Rice Malt Cereal
  • Malted Sweet Rice Flour
  • Malted Rice Bread Mix
  • Malted Rice Chocolate Wafer Mix

I know the couple that runs this online shop. When you buy from them, you’re supporting a small business based in the PNW, so you can feel good about giving your dollars to a gluten free family, instead of lining Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s) pockets. #shopsmallbusinesses

They also sell home brewing equipment and ingredients. If you are a Celiac, I highly recommend ordering brewing ingredients from a dedicated gluten free company. Specifically when it comes to malts, yeasts, and enzymes. When you order from a gluten free company, you can trust that they’ve chosen not to carry any products that *might* contain gluten. Hops should be pretty safe to order from other suppliers, but do your due diligence if ordering other ingredients from sources that cater to all brewers.

2. Keep Your Beer Cold + Conceal Your Open Container with CanKeepers, BottleKeepers, and PintKeepers!

If you’ve been following my beer blog for awhile, you may have heard of these guys before. Their product is called BottleKeeper/CanKeeper/PintKeeper and it’s basically like a hydro flask for your beer can (or bottle). They are AWESOME because they keep your beer cold, they conceal it (in case you want a low-key drink in public), and they keep your open container from spilling! Serious genius.

The last time I reviewed the Bottlekeeper, I wrote a blog post about it–but it’s a bit outdated now as they have since released several more products to accommodate the quickly changing beer industry. (For example, the massive shift from bottles to cans.)

The BottleKeeper is sold in both 12 oz and 22 oz sizes, and the CanKeeper accommodates 12 oz, 16 oz, and slim cans. They also come in a variety of colors and finishes so your beer flask can rock some personality. Bonus: Spend $50 on the BottleKeeper website and receive 25% off (discount applied at checkout).

3. Keep Your Beer At The Optimal Temperature With Eco Vessel

This Colorado-based family business offers premium quality drinkware that strives to cut down the use of single plastics…while keeping your beverage at a consistently optimal temperature. They make hydration bottles and drinkware for beer and wine lovers, which you can find in the “Gift Guide” under beer lovers, or under the product category “Beer/Wine”. These bottles, tumblers mugs, and growlers can be utilized for any adventure, to truly hydrate–or to treat yourself to a delicious beverage.

Eco Vessel - 2020 Beer Gift Guide

The best part? Eco Vessel donates 5% of all website purchases to a nonprofit. Customers can choose to donate to Water For People, Surfrider Foundation, Protect Our Winters, or Leave No Trace. Whether you’re hitting the beach and need a cold one, or hitting the slopes and need something to keep your beers from freezing…Eco Vessel has some great options for you. Bonus: They’re offering free shipping on orders over $49!

4. Order Gluten Free Beer Online + Have It Delivered To Your Door

If you are lucky enough to live in a state where gluten free beer can be shipped, consider ordering up some brews for yourself or a loved one. Drizly shipping times are under a week, when same-day delivery isn’t possible.

I have been able to find dozens of gluten free beers through this online retailer, but where you live determines your access to certain products, so you’ll have to enter your address to see what’s available to you. Bonus: If you’ve never ordered from Drizly before, you can receive $5 OFF your first order (over $20) with code: DRIZLYDEAL

5. More Homebrewing Equipment or HOPS!

(So they can make YOU beer. Ha!)

Homebrewing equipment is a win-win in my opinion. You buys some high quality brewing equipment for your favorite someone…and then that favorite someone is so excited about it that they make you some beer! See…win-win. These guys are a great source for both brewing equipment and hops.

As you can see…there is unlimited gift potential for your favorite homebrewer, or perhaps an aspiring homebrewer, and this shop has everything you could possibly need to set someone up to brew you some beer. (I know, I won’t let it go.)

Note: If you’re in search of gluten free malts, I would recommend buying them from the first company on this list (same one that sells the gluten free malt mixes) because they are your safest bet for Celiac-safe malt/yeast/enzyme ingredients.

Want more gift ideas?

Check out my gift guide from last year, 11 Best Holiday Gifts For Beer Lovers. There you will find a totally different list of gifts!

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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