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10 Best Holiday Gifts For Beer Lovers

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Beer Lovers Edition

Whether we love it or not, the holidays are upon us! I don’t know about you…but I find buying gifts really stressful. How do you know what they will like or want? What kind of gift will they actually use? I don’t like getting gifts that end up in the Goodwill box a month later, so with that in mind…I’ve designed a list that focuses on USEFUL gifts that can’t go wrong for your beer-loving friends and family.

11 Holiday Gifts For Beer Lovers

I’ve done my best to share the most affordable sources I could find for each gift idea. (some products provide affiliate links) There’s a couple artsy/fun gifts included, but most of the list is packed with highly useful items that would have any beer lover jumping up and down with excitement. I’ll start out with my absolute favorite find of the year…

1. BottleKeepers

Keep Your Beer Cold (and Fresh!)

are essentially HyrdroFlasks for your BEER! The hard-cased beer koozies have a lining of neoprene to insulate your beer bottle. This helps keeps your beer chilled and protects it in the case of a drop while you’re out adventuring.

They also allow you to reseal your bottle during consumption, which is AMAZING. (My absolute favorite feature.) There’s a built-in bottle opener in the cap, and a tether so you never lose the top. I wrote a full review on this product a few months ago…complete with photos and video. The review link is below.

or read my review.

2. Homebrewing Equipment

Gift The Ability To Brew

I can’t think of a better present for an inspiring beer brewer than some functional homebrewing equipment. The range of gifts that could be found in the brewing setup will cover anyone from a beginner to master brewer. The best part? These gifts will keep on giving for years to come.

You may feel overwhelmed initially when searching for supplies, especially if you don’t have much experience with homebrewing yourself. A couple years ago Best Gluten Free Beers did a gluten free home brew and the whole process was documented on the blog, including the equipment list. You could start there. There are specific links to online sources for each individual item we used.

Another idea…if your friend or family member is already a seasoned brewer, consider the gift of hops! Brewers love to experiment with new flavors and aromas, and you can easily purchase different hop varieties online.

You can buy homebrewing equipment on Amazon as well.

3. YETI Rambler Vacuum Insulated Colster

A Classy Beer Koozie For Your Favorite Brews

Now THIS is a serious beer can koozie right here. Dubbed a colster, the YETI Rambler is made of stainless steel and is vacuum insulated. They’re quite handsome too, if you ask me. The black load-and-lock gasket separates from the base so that you can insert and secure your beer inside.

The colster fits any standard 12 oz. can and comes in a wide variety of colors. I’m partial to this turquoise one pictured above. Check out the full selection at the link below.

4. Beer Sleeves

Keep The Beer Cold, And Your Hands Warm

These useful little guys are called beer sleeves, but I prefer to call them beer jackets! These are made with neoprene which help to insulate your beer as you sip. They have the added perk of keeping your hands warmer because you don’t have to directly hold the cold bottle. This keeps your hands from warming up the beer too!

Beer jackets are very inexpensive and make a great stocking stuffer. There are tons of different colors, patterns, and designs available, which you can explore at the link below.

5. USA Beer Cap Map

Finally…a way to showcase your beer cap collection!

Know of anyone with a sizable collection of bottle caps? Well, this is a great way to display them! You could use this design as inspiration and DIY any shape you want, or you could buy one of these mountable pre-drilled templates. You can find a variety of wood finishes and the mounting supplies is included.

This company makes a full U.S.A. country shape, but also makes each of the 50 states if you’d prefer something more personal. Or you could collect all 50 over time and do several beer-centric road trips across the Unites States!

6. Brew Ha Ha!

A Crafty Game For Beer Lovers

It’s a little like Cards Against Humanity meets Mad Libs meets beer tasting

Each round, players try a beer, then combine their cards to create a description of what they taste. The “Brewmaster” (judge) of the round awards a point for the description they like best and one for the most accurate. Once you’ve sampled all the beers, it’s time for “Character Assassination,” where players describe each player as if THEY were a beer. It’s the best part – gets pretty funny especially after a few beers!

7. Insulated 6 Pack Beer Carrier

Keeps Beer Cold and Well Protected

They make them for wine, so why wouldn’t they make them for beer?! These are even better beer carriers than those cheap plastic versions because they are made from neoprene, which will help you to transport your beer safely, while simultaneously keeping it chilled!

This particular model even has a bottle opener attached to the case for your convenience! The insulation feature certainly wins me over, but I also like the padding it provides, which allows me to avoid all the clinking of the glass that happens with the standard wine carriers.

8. YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

A High Quality Adventure-Sized Cooler

YETI’s are pretty spendy, but they are well known for their quality and innovation in the cooler world. This Yeti cooler is a portable model that fits just 6 cans of beer when using a 2:1 ice ratio. The Hopper comes in multiple sizes, with the smallest one weighing in at only 2.8 lbs., which makes this cooler perfect for day trips, hikes, or picnics.

The design is 100% leakproof and the strong DryHide Shell is resistant to mildew and punctures. Some adventures are just that much better with a couple cold ones, and this cooler will keep them perfectly chilled for you.

9. Novelty Beer Tees

Can’t go wrong with a funny beer tee!

Beer tees. A quick and easy gift for anyone! Whether the tee sports their favorite brewery’s brand or a humorous pun, a good T-shirt is an easy crowd pleaser. I sifted through hundreds of beer tee designs and came up with 7 favorites. I personally tend to favor the funny ones. ;)

If you like any of these tees, I’ve made it really easy on you…I designed an Amazon idea list with all 7 of these designs, that way you can browse them all in one place (rather than sorting through individual links). You can find the list at the link below!

10. Beer (Duh.)

A Special Case For A Special Person

If your local stores sell gluten free beer, consider arranging a full case sale from them. Sometimes you can receive a discount for buying a full case but either way, it makes for a great holiday gift for a beer lover. You may want to give the store’s beer buyer a heads up about your request, so they know to add an extra case on their order that week.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a gluten free brewery, you can buy the beers straight from them. This will likely get you the best price, and a warm fuzzy feeling for directly supporting your local brewery.

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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