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Unity Vibration Ginger Kombucha Beer

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Gluten Free Kombucha Beer…

YES, please!

I was browsing the gluten free beer shelf of my local Whole Foods when I spotted this beer. Unity Vibration’s Ginger Kombucha Beer. WHAT?! Yes, please. The little 4-pack seemed to be so new to the shelves that it didn’t even have a price tag on it yet. Didn’t care…Kombucha + hops + ginger = SOLD…I bought it anyway. Upon arriving home to share this incredible find with my roommate, I noticed that this Michigan-born brew is open-air fermented, unpasteurized, unfiltered, oak-barrel aged, and bottle conditioned. My excitement only grew. unity vibration ginger kombucha beer best gluten free beers review

The first thing I did when I popped open this Kombucha beer, was pour it into a glass and take a good hard look at it. To my surprise, there was a tiny little SCOBY floating around inside it! I was delighted! (For those of you who are unfamiliar, a SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. It is the culture from which Kombucha is brewed. It looks a little scary…like a slimy mushroom…but it is completely safe and it’s responsible for the fermentation of your tea.) The reason I was so exited to see this little SCOBY brewing was because it indicates a beverage that is still living. I happily welcome healthy gut flora and probiotics in my alcoholic beverages. Who wouldn’t?

The Taste Test

The Unity Vibration Ginger Kombucha Beer

best gluten free beers review unity vibration ginger kombucha beer The “beer” was pale yellow and color and head no head when poured. It’s light fizz reminded me of that of a cider. The aroma was gingery and slightly sweet. The anticipation was killing me so I took a sip. My initial reaction when the Kombucha beer hit my palette was: “Ooh! Sweet and sour fizzy ginger!” It was delicious. In fact, it tasted JUST like a ginger flavored Kombucha. It’s tangy and crisp, leaving a sweet ginger taste that lingering softly in your mouth and throat. The carbonation provided the perfect accompaniment and balance for the spicy ginger flavors. As I continued to sip it slowly, I began to wonder how this sugary drink would leave me feeling once I consumed it.

I really enjoyed this Unity Vibration Ginger Kombucha Beer. Although, I have to say, I wouldn’t drink more than one of these in a session…just like I wouldn’t drink two 16oz. Kombucha’s back to back. It’s a bit heavy on the head for that. I feel like I would end up with a headache. I find Kombucha to be very medicinal sometimes, and I don’t think it is intended to be consumed in large quantities. The 4-pack I bought lasted a while. (Which isn’t a bad thing! Especially since they’re a bit pricey!)

More Hops Please!

My only complaint about this experimental concoction is that I can’t taste any hops. In fact, the beverage doesn’t smell or taste like beer at all. It would be easy to knock it down like a Kombucha and forget that there is a shocking 8% ABV in this little bottle. This could be a positive for some and a negative for others. I expect that anyone who loves cider would love this Kombucha beer. I personally LOVE hops, and would have liked to detect more of them in the flavor profile. Perhaps Unity Vibration’s other beer flavors contain more hoppiness, without the competing (and dominating) effects of the ginger…

Overall, I would highly recommend this experimental brew! It tasted phenomenal with salty foods. I discovered this by munching on some sea salt and vinegar kettle chips as I sipped the second bottle. AMAZING. Sweet, sour, and salty…delicious!

Until next time!
♥ Lindsi


If you are interested in reading my friend Katrina’s review of the Unity Vibration Ginger Kombucha Beer, read on! Different perspectives are always helpful.


Katrina Discovers Kombucha Beer!

When I first opened the refrigerator door, my eyes met the words ‘kombucha’ and ‘beer’ united on one bottle. Two of my favorite fermented beverages, both dating back thousands of years in our history, combined into one tasty experience? YES! I was quite intrigued to introduce this creative raw concoction to my taste buds. As I read further, I became even more impressed. Not only is this adult beverage unfiltered and unpasteurized, it’s also open-air fermented, oak barrel aged, bottle conditioned and artisian brewed.  Impressive and innovative brewing processes Michigan!

unity vibration ginger kombucha beer gluten free beer review

Katrina’s Review Of The Brew

Unity Vibration’s Triple Goddess Kombucha Beer

Popping the top, the aromatic zing of vinegar and the bold bite of ginger swirled through my senses as I poured the light golden beverage and took the first sip. Slightly bubbly and refreshing, the sweet body continuously builds throughout the bottle before finishing each sip with a tart, sour, dryness.  My pallet loved the complexity so much, a person could bask in the depth of aromatic flavors. The sweetness combined with the sour finish is something my body wouldn’t appreciate more than one of at a time however; a treat-yourself kind of beverage.

Looking at the ingredients, I noticed hops were the fourth listed in this American Wild Ale. Interestingly, I do not taste any note of hops or anything beer related for that matter. I find it closely resembles a regular kombucha with a raw ginger ale twist. It’s so smooth however it’s hard to notice that it’s 8% ABV; leaving only a slight warming effect, otherwise the alcohol goes unnoticeable. It’s cider-like, but not quite. It’s really a beverage deserving its own category; experimental perhaps.

Summing things up, this is a unique, imaginative, healthy alternative to the traditional adult beverage. I applaud Unity Vibration for their positively innovative creations. I’m without a doubt looking forward to tasting the many other delicious sounding combinations. Looking through their website, there are many that caught my eye. Thank you Unity! Your progressive play and back-to-the-basics brewing will be appreciated by many: gluten free or not.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

“Kombucha contains anti-oxidants, viable probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, life energy & more. People who drink Kombucha regularly say it helps them to balance their metabolism, aid in digestion, raise energy levels, boost their immune system, and detoxify & alkalinize their body.”

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Ginger, Organic Hops and Organic Black Tea.


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Funkyginger lover!
Funkyginger lover!
2 years ago

Looking for healthy lunch in Key West stumbled upon a vegan restaurant. I’m unable to handle gluten which has kept me from enjoying a cold beer. I was enticed to try your kombucha beer. Ginger being my favorite kombucha flavor I decided on the Funky Ginger. Well wow, I could not believe how delicious it was. It tasted just like my favorite ginger kombucha an d now I can enjoy a beer with my friends!! I’m hoping to find it in my home town of St. Pete soon.


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4 years ago

hey i love the site and posts

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