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Mutantis Brewery Blueberry Wit

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Mutantis Brewery Blueberry Wit

Gluten Free Witbier

Welcome back! I have another brand new gluten free beer to review. Today we’re taking a look at the Mutantis Brewery Blueberry Wit, a dedicated gluten free witbier brewed in Portland, Oregon. Mutantis Brewery and Bottle Shop opened mid-pandemic and was founded by former Ghostfish Brewing owner, Jason Yerger.

Mutantis Brewery Blueberry Wit

Apart from being a dedicated gluten free brewery, Mutantis is also a bottle shop that aims to offer every gluten free beer brewed in Oregon! This bottle shop is the first of its kind, and I can’t wait to see it in person…if I ever get to leave my town again.

Mutantis brews small-batch experimental beers and packages them in 25 ounce Twistee cans for local consumers. The Mutantis Blueberry Wit is brewed on a malt base of rice, buckwheat, blue corn, millet, and quinoa. Its ingredient list also includes blueberries, chamomile, and oranges.

This is the second review I’ve released for Mutantis Brewery this month. The first was for their gluten free Extra Dry IPA. You can find the link to that review at the end of this article. For now, here’s the video of the Blueberry Wit’s pour…

The Taste Test

Mutantis Blueberry Wit

This gluten free Blueberry Wit pours hazy AF. No joke…I can’t see much of anything through it unless I hold it up to sunlight. It has a cloudy cranberry color and pours with a large head that takes a loooong time to bubble down. One thing’s for sure, no carbonation has been lost due to the Twistee. So far, I think these Twistee cans are great!

The aroma is a bit muted at first because the head sticks around so long, but eventually I was able to enjoy lots of malt character and blueberry fruit in the aroma. I’m also picking up on some serious herbal spice. When the head bubbles down, it leaves a rocky island behind. It doesn’t seem to want to bubble away completely. 

This Mutantis Blueberry Wit doesn’t taste as thick as it looks. Its cloud is so heavy, it almost looks like it will drink that way, but it doesn’t. The body is on the medium side of light and the carbonation is crisp and refreshing. 

There is a very strong herbal quality to the taste, in addition to the aroma. Lots of chamomile, as promised, and a bit of clove-like spice as well.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer that tasted this strongly of chamomile before and I must say, it’s delightful. It also imparts a softness to the texture and mouthfeel of this gluten free witbier. 

When the Blueberry Wit first hits your lips, the first impression is of malt and fruit. The malt character is rice and corn leaning in flavor, but the buckwheat offers solid support in the mouthfeel. The fruit qualities are heavy in–you guessed it…blueberry! The texture and body is noted mid-palate, and this gluten free witbier finishes fairly light and dry, but with lots of dark fruit on the tongue. 

Mutantis Brewery Blueberry Wit

There is a very mild honey-like sweetness to this Wit, but it’s so gentle, I hardly notice it. Overall, this is a very pleasant and on-style gluten free Wit. Lots of malt. Lots of haze. Lots of Blueberry to round it all off. 

I’m a big fan of this fruity Wit. Very unique and extremely well brewed. There is a lot happening in this Mutantis beer and it all balances perfectly. Gluten free witbiers are a bit rare in the gluten free beers scene, and I’m happy to report that this one hits the spot. If you’ve tasted it, would you agree?

If you missed it before, here is the promised review for the Mutantis Brewery Extra Dry IPA!

P.S. Like what I do for the gluten free beer community? Consider buying me a beer for my efforts! ;)

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